Permanent residency in Canada

This status gives you the opportunity to live, pursue your studies and work as a Canadian citizen.

Frequently asked questions about permanent residence in Canada

What is a permanent residence?

Permanent residence status allows you to legally settle in any province in Canada. This status gives you the opportunity to live, pursue your studies and work as a Canadian citizen. It gives you most of the rights that Canadian citizens have.

How to obtain a permanent residence?

There are several routes to permanent residency in Canada. In addition to the often-stated temporary public policies of the Government of Canada, and pathways through temporary status in Canada, each province or territory has its own permanent residence program. On the other hand, express entry is one of the possibilities for accessing Canadian permanent residence.

  1. Permanent residence in Quebec
    For the province of Quebec, there are several programs allowing access to permanent residence. Regardless of the program chosen, the division of powers between the federal and provincial governments means that Quebec has to decide through the granting of a Quebec selection certificate (CSQ).
  2. Express Entry
    For the rest of the provinces outside of Quebec, express entry is one of the routes used. It consists of a rating system assigned to the various eligible candidates. Candidates are selected from a pool provided for this purpose. Based on the scores obtained, the top ranked candidates are then invited to apply for permanent residence.

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The rights and restrictions of permanent residents?

Although a permanent resident has the right to live freely in Canada, to pursue their studies and work, certain restrictions are linked to their status.

There are some differences between a permanent resident and a Canadian citizen, such as voting rights and passports. Only Canadian citizens have the right to vote in Canadian elections or to have a Canadian passport.

That being said, a permanent resident remains a citizen of his or her country of origin but can live freely within Canada, subject to the restrictions their status.

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