Study permit in Canada

The study permit is the document that gives you the opportunity to freely pursue your studies throughout Canada in a designated educational institution.

Get a study permit in Canada

You are a foreign or international student and you are accepted by a designated learning institution in Canada. You need a study permit to complete your studies. This involves obtaining a visa, depending on the case, before entering Canada.

1. Admission to an educational institution

Talking about studies implies an educational institution or a university, so first of all you should have received a letter of acceptance from a training school or university in Canada.

It is important to mention that your chosen educational institution must be on the list of designated educational institutions.

2. Financial capacity

To obtain a study permit, you must have the financial means necessary to continue your studies in Canada, in particular to pay the tuition fees in your educational institution, for living expenses and the costs related to return transportation once you have completed your studies.

Proof of financial capacity can be done by yourself or by the person responsible for your stay (schooling, housing, health insurance, plane ticket, food) in Canada throughout your studies.

3. The peculiarity of the province of Quebec

Unlike the other provinces of Canada, the province of Quebec has a particularity. To continue your studies in Canada and in the province of Quebec, you must hold a Quebec Acceptance Certificate “CAQ”.

4. How to prepare your application to obtain the permit?

You must first ensure that you meet the necessary requirements and have a complete file if you wish to submit your application to the immigration authorities for a study permit.

Some conditions have already been discussed above, these are the letter of admission to a designated educational institution, proof of financial capacity.

Of course, these two conditions are not exhaustive, there are others. To find out more, our firm will be able to provide you with the appropriate support.

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