Work permit in Canada

A work permit is the document that authorizes any foreign national wishing to work on Canadian soil

Obtain work permit in Canada

You are not a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, but you live in Canada or are planning to work in Canada. A work permit is required to legally hold a job.

There are several types of work permits that can be issued depending on your situation or procedure:

1. Open work permit

An open work permit allows a person to work for any employer for a specified period of time. It is not related to a particular job.

2. Closed work permit (Job offer with or without LMIA) including renewal

It is a work permit for which a job offer from an employer in Canada is required beforehand. The worker in this case is bound to the employer for a period defined by law.

Several conditions are required by law before initiating such a process. Depending on the nature of the position offered, the process may be complex or flexible, requiring or not a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

Legal obligations apply to both the employer and the potential employee. Our office will be able to provide you with information prior to the process and ensure its full support.

2.1 LMIA application or LMIA exemption

In some cases, the employer must first apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to allow you to apply for a work permit.

This employer step can often be complex, so it is important to have the right information before your procedure begins.

Some job offers are exempt from the LMIA, in which case you can simply and directly apply to Immigration Canada, taking into account the conditions related to the exemption in question.

3- Work permit for asylum seekers including renewal

To work legally in Canada, refugee claimants need a work permit. This is granted for a limited period; it is renewable under certain conditions. Our team can assist you in obtaining and renewing them.

Other conditions for obtaining a work permit

Depending on the case, certain documents are required for the application for your work permit, such as the Quebec acceptance certificate for work;

In fact, to come and work in Canada as a temporary foreign worker, the issuance of a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) is required. This document is issued by the Ministry of Immigration, Francisation and Integration (MIFI).

This requirement is a prerequisite for obtaining a work permit.

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